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Alexis H., I knew things were bad when you stopped singing in the shower (via lostsoulstravelhere)

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I watched you get sad for a while, love
Don’t think no one was there for you
The closer I got, the more defense you built up to keep me away

I knew that the sadness,
was getting to you when you no longer sang in the shower
you stood there, like a statue trying to find
a sliver of hope in the crack in the tile wall
that you made with your fists that way
you could feel your hands again for the
numbness was spreading throughout your whole body
and you just wanted some control

Your flower petal eyes began to droop and wilt
and I knew not the first thing about bringing something back to life

Then I watched the soft edges of your soul become pin pricks
and jagged, gnawing teeth,
with an insatiable thirst for blood
Not strangers’ or the ones that trampled and triumphed over you, but your own

You created a seal so tight with your lips, that no words escaped, and when they did it sounded
like every letter was sandpaper, cutting you up inside

Those demons you held in needed to find a way out,
and you incapable of exorcising and banishing
the things that were killing you,
simply made room for them to stay

You sliced open your flesh and that’s when
I saw your happiness exude
down bathtub drains and
soaked into gauze that would only be thrown away
no trace of evil except the lines left behind
from the succubus that clawed its way in
when it was given the open opportunity

You hollowed out your heart and there they stayed,
like a flickering candle inside of an eerie jack-o-lantern’s mouth

The light I saw inside of you was not light at all,
more like a wildfire fueled by the dryness inside of your bones
and you quickly becoming charred and ash and nothingness
right before my eyes

and I without enough love to smother it out

me on a spanish test:cómo se llama, bonita, mi casa, shakira shakira



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how do you get a nice body without moving

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I don’t even get to experience the friend-zone because nobody wants to be my friend

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this is very important

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Never chase anyone. A person who appreciates you will walk with you.